Job Shirts (New Yorkers)

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MFD: Job Shirt - Canvas Collar
The updated 5.11 job shirt with canvas collar. 80/20 cotton/poly fabric Fade and shrin..
MFD: Job Shirt - Water Repellant
A water repellant 1/4 zip job shirt is a newer addition to the 5.11 brand fleece. 80/20 poly..
MFD: Job Shirt Full Zip
This full-zip Game job shirt is easier to get on and off; still offers all the extras. 12 oz..
MFD: Job Shirt - Turtleneck
A tactical style, turtleneck job shirt.. 12 oz 80/20 cotton/poly super weight fleece T..
MFD: Job Shirt 1/4 Zip Material Collar
This 1/4 zip Game Job shirt has the benefit of a material, lay-down collar. 12 oz ..
MFD: Job Shirt - 1/4 Zip Turtleneck
A 5.11 brand job shirt favorite with a turtleneck collar and a 1/4 zip front 80/20 cotton/po..
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